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The environmental issue is getting much importance with the every passing day. The world car awards are given to those car companies that give equal importance to the environment while manufacturing as car. The atmosphere friendly vehicles with the good design and excellent features look are commonly nominated for world car awards. These environmental friendly vehicles win the awards on nominations; therefore the race ofworld car awards these cars is on the high speed in the manufacturing industry.

The Skoda Yeti is one of the most famous vehicles in the world that won several awards regarding environmental winning. The International Green Apple Environment Award was also won by this vehicle recently. Many of the other companies were nominated for this award but the winner was Skoda Yeti because of its environmental friendly design approach. The company that helped Skoda Yeti to win this award was a private organization. This private organization aims to make the cars according to the environment. This green color environment friendly car got many likes all over the world. The category that participated in the award nomination was SUV 4×4. Now company is planning to launch many other green cars in this category to be nominated for the next world car awards.

These environmental friendly cars will speed too few CO2 in the atmosphere that will gain more points for nomination. The company aims to win the next award as well with these newly launched cars. So get ready for new atmosphere friendly cars in the market and roads. These vehicles get extra attention from the viewers when they are on the roads. People want to see this kind of vehicles on the roads of USA. Before the Skoda Yeti, the Peugeot was the car that won the green award by the excellent features and green look. The front wheels of this vehicle were powered by diesel and the back wheels were powered by electric motor. The combination of electricity motor and the consumption of diesel produce very low quantity of CO2. It made it atmosphere friendly and love for the common people. People love to see this kind of vehicles moving on the roads. They also inspire the people to drive the cars atmosphere friendly than the cars polluting our air with the heavy consumption of diesel and petrol.

World Car Awards

The famous brands of the world are also looking to participate in the world car awards in the coming years by designing cars with the less diesel and petrol consumption. UN is also taking steps to make the things atmosphere friendly because of many threats to the overall weather of the world. The weather of the world is getting unusual changes because of high consumption of CO2 in the air. The science has already warned the world to reduce the consumption of Co2 to protect the atmosphere of the world. The increase of the co2 consumption and cutting of forest can impact seriously on the overall weather of the world. Environmental friendly cars are the good step to start with.

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