Why Most of the People Like to Buy A Used Car

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In getting a car there are two different schools of thoughts we could find out, one is about having your own brand new one and the other one suggest having a used car. As both of thoughts are fair enough in their perspectives but there is one thing that needs to be understand that where both of these could be applied. Most of the time the well established and elite person is not suggested to have a used car but to a working and middle classed person it is recommended for sure. why buy a used car is a common question that aroused in the minds of people when they hear about it and how it could be effective for them as well. As a whole it is good to know that what could be the major benefits a person could have by having a used car instead of a new one.buy a used car

Save some cash

It is a fact that when you got a new car you have to pay the whole amount and there is not discount there, but when you get the same model of the car in a used category then you can save a huge amount of money. According to the market rules whenever a car gets sold its price cut down by 10% at least. So, whether the owner drives it or not for long but if he use to sale it then for sure there will be a loss o 10% in the total price.

Minimize depreciation buy a used car

The other things that support the answer of the question why buy a used car is the minimized depreciation. According to estimation the brand new cars almost fact 30% depreciation in the first running year, 10% on the first run and rest of 20% is during the whole year. But, if you get a used one then it has been depreciated already and that depreciation is face by the first owner and now you just have to enjoy the ride.

Reduced insurance cost

According to the insurance formula, expensive cars cost expensive insurance and vice versa. If you have a used car then you could get affordable insurance policy and if the car is old enough then you can exclude the theft damage from the policy as well.

Less registrations fee

In most of the states the car registration fee is charged according to the transaction values, by having a used car at the minimum cost you can save some extra money from the registration fee as well.

Ideal for start

For beginners who just have landed on the rods from the driving schools, it is good to have a used car as their first. As this provides them enough room to experiment everything and in case of any hit there will be a minimum loss. why buy a used car for your new learn driver? This is because you do not want to get long bills every week for the repair of the car and also cannot afford the rapid losses on the cost of car.

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