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It is obviously a good idea to make some money from you old car when you have got a new one, and if you are planning to just upgrade you car by selling the old one and add up some of cash into it then it is also not a bad thought. But, there is one thing that matters is the real evaluation of the car and its proper marketing as well. To make a demand for your car you have to take the proper estimation according to its condition and market satiation as well. If you simply consult to a dealer then you might not get the proper cash in return so the better idea is to make a post of used car for sale by owner. In this way you can simply get your desired amount and get a chance to negotiate with customer directly. For this purpose you can simply use the free classified sites.used car for sale by owner

Save commission

If you make a post on a free classified site then you have the double advantage and that is of commission deduction that will be charged by the automobile dealer. On hiring a dealer to sell your car you have to pay him commission or if he is buying your car then he will never pay you your desire amount so it is a better option to use classified site or newspaper classifieds under the title of used car for sale by owner. As this will save some of you commission amount and the interested person will also contact you freely as he is also not willing to pay commission to the dealer.

Make some plain offers for used car for sale by owner

To get the direct customers you have to make some plain offers, do not try to make some of tricky or complex offers and in fact make it simple and precise so the customer could understand your demand. On the other hand you have to mention all the important and highlighted features of the car so they could not be neglected and you can get some good price on their behalf. Remember in your post or offer you should mention all the major details that are required to know by the customer as this could save your and their time as well and you will get only serious customers.

Handle strategically

Selling a car by you is a tricky game, as the auto mobile dealers are specialized in it, they can convince and satisfy a person easily because they know all the technical. If you are offering used car for sale by owner then you should get to know some of the technical first so you can deal with the person who response you. You should make your own strategy so you will have a better idea to communicate properly with the customers who approach you in future. Other than that you should also consider that some of the auto mobile dealers and agents can contact you to get a car at minimum price so you have to be very careful and stagnant on your demand.

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