Top 10 Misunderstood Things About Car Insurance You May Never Now

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All the intellectuals know that for them it is important to get the car insurance policy in order to save money and get future secured benefits with their car. But, a part from that original realization there are a number of myths roamed in the field related to the car insurance and its services that give an entirely wrong perception about the insurance policies and their benefits to the people. To have a secured business with all of these policies it is good to know the top 10 misunderstood things about car insurance by the general public that are sometimes not properly communicated or sometimes manipulated as well.

top 10 misunderstood things about car insurance

top 10 misunderstood things about car insurance

Red is not a good color to insure

It is a common myth that cars in red proves to be expensive for insurance just because of colors. But in fact it is all about the car’s model.

New cars are under threat

You should notice that the thieves are not only behind the new cars; in fact used cars could get stolen so policy is nothing to do with it.

Insurance company will cover the damage if car get stolen or vandalized

Only if you have the collation coverage in your policy then you can get this advantage, comprehensive coverage does not support this at all.

Company will pay for rental car in case of car damage

The insurance company will not pay you for the rental car services you approach in case of damage to your car. It is declared in the agreement that it is simply not the responsibility of the company.

Sports car drivers has to pay heavy insurance premium as they get more tickets

It’s not necessary that the sports driver will get more tickets and pay higher premiums as well. They are also treated as regular drivers by the insurance providers.

It’s good to have policy on other driver’s name

Getting the policy on a regular driver name could be good for you in case of saving premium but it is really not a good idea as you cannot control damage and can lose some obvious bonuses.

Insurance company will pay off the loan or lease on car

If you car gets totaled then it doesn’t mean that your insurance provider will pay off the lease or loan amount on it. It will just pay you the car value calculating the deductibles you will remain liable for the rest of the dues. To get these charges clear you should check out for the gap insurance policy.

Claiming for smashed wind screen will cut no claim bonus down

It is commonly perceived that if you make some kind of small damage claims from your insurer then your will lose the no claim bonus. But, it is actually not like that; if you make such claims then your bonus remain intact in fact you have to pay extra as states in policy agreement

Excessive use of car will lead to invalidity of policy

As far as you are not using your car for some profit generation work like pick and drop or some kind of delivery work your policy remains valid. But, if you have a commuting policy then this conditions doesn’t applies to your case for sure.

Along with a driving conviction; it’s not possible to get insured

It is a perceived that if you were involved in serious car convictions then you will not be able to get the insurance policy. In fact there are a number of companies that are offering specialized policies to such identities.

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