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Germany and Japan are major manufacturers and the suppliers of smart cars in the world. Along with this fact, the cars manufactured in these countries are smaller than the cars manufactured in USA. Even if they are small but they are equipped with all the required material and features that make a car a smart car and we can say it is the summary of the smart car. The smart car is one of the fantastic models of the cars available in the world market. None of the car can defeat this model by the features and the fun it provides to the drivers. summary of the smart car

Introduction of smart cars in the world

The smart cars were first introduced by the Benz and the Swatch, a Swiss watch maker. Both of these guys constructed two different companies and started working on smart car project that was known as Micro Compact Car AG. The first factory to manufacture smart cars was started in Switzerland by the help of both companies. The Swatch worked on the design and the introduced some outstanding designs in the market that attracted thousands of people in the world. The other partner worked on the quality of the car and on the engineering issues to make it a master piece in performance.

The start of this factory opened the new horizon for engineers and designers as well. Slowly, the factory became the major job provider in the city that employed thousands of people in the region. They also gathered the top engineers and designers in the factory to create something exceptional for the users. This is the result of their commitment that some master pieces are available in the market. They worked on the gas mileage to improve the performance of the vehicle. The smart car reduced the problem of parking with its small size.

A big Issue to Resolve best summary of the smart car

There was a big issue before engineers of smart car about the safety of this vehicle on the road. Being a small in size, there was always a threat of being hit by the bigger cars on the road. In that case, the safety of the driver and passengers matter a lot. The engineers and designers of smart cars worked on this issue and introduced tridion safety cell. That cell was responsible to safe this car from being hit by the bigger cars in the market.

The engineers used three layers of steel to create this cell. It made it hard enough to face the hit of a bigger car on the road with the minimum damage. The summary of the smart car shows that two steel layers were first made to protect that vehicle from hit by the bigger cars on the road. But the experiment failed in the factory. The two steel layers were unable face the hard hit of the car in the experiment. Then the engineers decided to create one more layer to make it harder than before and the experiment was successful.

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