Predictions about Upcoming Electric Cars in Near Future

| November 6, 2016

The time is changing so fast and the car manufacturing companies understand these things better than a common man. We are also observing some changes in the environment that is creating strange things in the atmosphere. The sudden and unexpected changes in the atmosphere are big problem for the world today. Pollution is the major cause of such unnatural changes being happened in the world. Therefore the concept of green cars is the center of discussion for every person in the world. The car manufacturing companies are designing the cars that are fuel efficient and don’t throw much of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. People want to know about upcoming electric cars and their expected role in the world. The cars can control the future or not is the question of the day. Following are some of the good predictions that experts believe about green or electric cars of the world in the near future.upcoming electric cars

Better Speed Range

The experts believe the future electric cars will be able to go over 160km per hour. Most of the people are often anxious about the range of electric cars. They want better speed for their electric car and this expected in the future electric cars. As far as experts believe for the range of the electric cars, they consider it as the psychological fact only. More than 90% people in the world don’t drive the car over 100km per hour.

Upcoming Electric Cars will make slow progress

Everyone in the world wants a new car as electric car. Unfortunately they are not in the range of common buyer of a car. You are a car owner have to face many challenges like range of the car and the charging facilities. The government will have to arrange charging facilities for such electric cars like gas stations in the city. Right charging such vehicles at home is not so efficient. Therefore the government if want its people buy electric cars will have to arrange charging stations to avoid hassle of charging. It is extra investment that government will have to make in their countries. The experts believe government can also ask for foreign investment to start constructing electric car charging stations. Right now it is a challenge and a problem for governments and the car manufacturing companies as well.

Fuel Cell Upcoming Electric Cars

The fuel cell vehicles are under discussion for years but still they are under observation of the car manufacturing companies. The engineers believe they will be able to show their opinion about these cars in the near future. These electric vehicles will work on hydrogen as their fuel system. You know it is not possible for every country to arrange for hydrogen fuel system at gas station. Moreover the cost of such vehicles will be so high to afford by a common car buyer. There are so many other difficulties before car manufacturing companies about users or such vehicles and the governments to handle their move on the roads.

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