Hybrid Cars Effects Environment OverAll

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You will surely attract to the Hybrid cars if you will be in the auto mobile market to buy a one for you. Hybrid car can be a dream car for you and your family for the unique benefits and exciting features it has. Along with all available benefits of these cars in the market, there are so many concerns that a Hybrid car is the reason. Now a new discussion is started in the market about the impacts of Hybrid cars on the world environment. Most of the people looking for the answer do the Hybrid Cars Effects Environment or not? In this post, we will discuss how these cars impact on the environment of the city and the country and ultimately the world.hybrid cars effects environment

Hybrid Car Fuel & Power System

Following are two major terms for hybrid cars used in the automobile market; HEVs & PHEVs. HEVs stand for Hybrid electric vehicles and PHEVs stands for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Both of these categories use different fuel and power system to move on. The combination of gasoline and electric battery is used in the case of HEVs for the power system. Contrary to this, the PHEVs vehicles use gasoline like the HEVs vehicles and the electric battery to get power system. But the difference is that the electric battery used in PHEVs can be charged by the external electric power source. If the battery is not charged by the external source, you still can use this car as HEVs.  The battery will start charging when the vehicle is on the move on gasoline. Due to reduction in the gas mileage and the emissions, the experts believe Hybrid cars are causing some serious environmental effects. They will continue increasing if not stopped now.

How Hybrid Cars Effects Environment?

The big question while charging the battery of the car with the external source is the clean energy. The different energy source is used while producing the electric power in USA. The hydroelectricity is considered one of the best energy sources when it comes to the electric cars. If your state in USA is producing hydroelectric power while producing electricity, the hybrid car then is the best to use and there is no possible environmental effect in the city atmosphere. Contrary to this, if your city or state is using oil and coal to produce electric power, the hybrid cars will be the major source of pollution in the city atmosphere without any doubt. In that case, the traditional vehicles will be more environmental friendly than these cars. If the government is interested to expand the production of Hybrid cars, they will have to work on better energy source for their grids to produce electricity. The traditional vehicles use lead acid in their batteries for the power system. This lead acid is also damage the environment but on the longer period of time. The electric batteries being used in Hybrid cars are damaging the environment of the world faster than any else vehicle in the market. In short we can say that hybrid cars effects environment and play important role in our daily life.

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