What Goodwood Festival Of Speed Is About Likes Or Dislikes?

| January 23, 2017

You can start the engines at the Goodwood Festival of Speed; a celebration of the Goodwood Festival of Speed locations is in West Sussex, England. Dubbed Called it the largest party in the garden carmaker in the world, the three-day event boasts sport vintage exhibition of cars, racing open-wheel and shows the stock car, on-track speed demo goes, air show fighter jet, exhibitions routing engine, legendary race car driver, and celebrity appearances.  Guests can enjoy stunning examples of the rarest and most glamorous cars in the world, and every year is a car manufacturer honored with a display in front of Goodwood House, the venue for this prestigious event. This car cultural festival event is based on three days. In these three days, you can see the hundreds of the finest cars from the past, present and near future make their first hill climb runs.goodwood festival3

Here is the explanation of three days of the event:

Goodwood Festival

Day before the Event

The main difference between the day before the Festival of Speed and the rest of the weekend is that the most prized cars stay in the paddocks rather than going up the Hill climb. Instead, it is the road cars from the Moving Motor Show in cooperation with The Telegraph, which is in the center. Other than that it is mostly the same cars in the paddocks, but the entrance price is much lower. This day features includes: The Moving Motor Show, an opportunity to get the first glimpse of all the latest cars from around the world. Racing cars and bikes are ready for action at the weekend in the Hill Climb and the best sporting action gets underway wood GAS arena.


1st Day of the Event 

On the first day of the festival, where coveted vehicles from Formula 1 and Supercar Paddocks – among others – will receive ascending Hill climb. The whole event is in full swing on the 1st day, with all the special features like GAS, Rally Stage, and Activities Field delivers incredible entertainment to complement Hill climb glamor.

2nd Day of the Event

On the 2nd day at the Festival of Speed tend to sell out earlier than the rest of the weekend. This can be because it means that people do not have to take a day off to visit and can come from their revelry on the next day. This day activities include:

  • This day is a full schedule of the most prized cars on the hill climb.
  • Super-cars shoot out on the Hill Climb.
  • Still able to see the static display of the Moving Motor Show cars GAS shows and more
  • It can also be because historically, many of the best performances occur on 2nd and 3rd day.

3rd Day of the Event

The shooting – an assault on the Hill climb timed – makes today a very popular day to attend, especially as historically many of the appearances of stars tend to spend 2nd or 3rd day.

It is also the last chance for all to enjoy the features beyond the rise, such as gas, rally, and circuit paddocks. This day activity includes:

  • Hill climb scheduled final shootout, including special BTCC shooting
  • Full program of the most popular cars on the Hill climb
  • Gas-filled day, field activities and Rally Stage
  • Being able to see the static display Movement Auto Car

The Festival of Speed offers fans to get an unprecedented opportunity close to the action, and the great champions who gathered at Goodwood festival of speed locations every summer.

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