The Most Expensive Car Brands in the World

| July 16, 2016

The difference between expensive car brands and the cheaper brands in the market can be defined in just single word “Quality”. The quality in aspects of these car brands make them most attractive and distinguished from the other brands available in the car industry. Their attractive and unique designs and unique features are definitely unmatched to the any other car brands available to buy in the market. The lucid smooth engine, vivid attractive paint adds more colors in the value of these cars. These luxury brands are manufactured in the way you don’t need any further customization to make it more attractive. If you are passionate enough to make changes in these luxury vehicles, you are free to make any change in your expensive brand car. Following are some of the most expensive luxury brands of the cars available in the market. You are free to buy any of them to make your life more stylish and convenient for your travel needs.expensive car brands

Rolls Royce

With the outstanding phantom features, Rolls Royce is some of the most expensive luxury car brands in the car industry of the world. The vehicle is known by the outstanding interior made of over 450 leather pieces that are handmade inspected. Its unique color and grain characteristics make it a special piece for its customers. The vehicle is equipped with the all possible security measures with the back camera to support parking with ease and comfort. The price of the Rolls Royce is $474000 in the US markets that makes it one of the most expensive brands in the world.

Bentley the best expensive car brands

With the V8 and W12 engines, Bentley is considered to be one of the most expensive car brands in the world. Bentley is well known by the air suspension feature that provides perfect control over vehicle. The 20 inch wheels of this car is well designed to cross any hurdle with the ease and comfort. The price of this vehicle is $200500 in the US markets that makes it a strong candidate of expensive car brands list of the car world.


Maybach is a super luxury sedan that is equipped with the HD DVD player, refrigerator, and especially designed rear seats. The interior of this vehicle is designed with the leather pieces with the finest quality. This vehicle is especially designed for tourists looking for luxury travel. The price of this vehicle is 376300 US dollars in the US car markets. Maybach has different categories with the different price. The Maybach 62 category is priced as $4227000 in the US markets.


Jaguar is well known for the too many options it provides for its luxury car lovers. Jaguar is the most expensive and the most demanded luxury vehicle brand available in the world car market. Jaguar price starts from $742000 in the US markets. It has limitless features and unbelievable power system. This luxury car is the love of the sports car lovers in the world.

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