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| August 26, 2016

Thirty years back, the holly movies and drama used to predict that in the year 2000 people will move in the hover cars and jet packs. If we analyze even after 15 years after 2000, we don’t see any hover car or jet pack for the travel of a common man. It is not happened yet and hopefully it will not happen in next thirty years in the world. Cars of the future always remained under discussion by car lovers and the car manufacturing companies and still it is a hot topic in the world. Some believe that future cars will be green in color and green by the features as well.cars of the future

Green Cars as Future Cars

The pollution is the major concern of the world today. Most of dreadful changes in the atmosphere are the result of the pollution by different sources. The exhausting fume is polluting the world atmosphere with the eye passing day that is the major concern of the scientists. After looking at the present situation, the manufacturers of the cars are looking for green future cars. Green means not green in the color. The green car is the term to use for future cars that are atmosphere friendly. Instead of using petrol or gasoline, they are designed to consume electricity as their power source. They use batteries that are rechargeable with the external source. The external source they use make them environment friendly. The hybrid power is the best source of power ever found in the history of cars. The green cars are considered as future cars with the electric power system.

Cars of the Future Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are considered to be the future cars of the world because of their electric power system used to provide power. They are the best known future cars of the worlds at the present stage. We don’t see any other alternate of such cars still in the market that are environmental friendly better than these cars. Looking at their present stage, the car experts believe they are the future of the cars in the world. The car manufacturers will develop the future products keeping initial development of this car in the consideration. The hybrid cars use both types of energy system; the gasoline and electricity. It can be shifted automatically on the gasoline and electricity as per needs. Initially it works on electricity that can be shifted on gasoline in the case of shortage of power. The demand for Hybrid car is increasing with the every passing day in the world. It can be seen in all parts of the world.


As the name suggest, the fortwo is the smart car designed for two people. It is also known as some of the best cars of the future. Fortwo is the smart car that also uses electrical power system to move on the road. The car is designed with the 5 speed transmission. The interesting thing in this transmission is that they are manual and automatic at the same time.

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