Cars in the Future can Control the Accidents Agree Or Not?

| October 31, 2016

The research shows that casualties in the car accidents reach to one million every year. The major cause of car accidents is the human itself. Most of the accidents occur because of human errors. There are two ways to control this situation in the world. The first is to control the errors of the human while driving on the road and the second is to design exceptional cars in the future to avoid accidents. These cars should be smart enough to handle the situations in the state of emergency and could alarm the driver because happening of an accident. The mental stress, fast speed, driving vehicle while drunk, using mobile phones during car driving, and the road range are some of the most common cause of road side accidents in the in the future

Every year thousands of new studies are done on the cause and control of car accidents in the world. People are given hundreds of advices on print, electric and social media to avoid these accidents. People read such instructions but don’t follow the advices of the government and police authorities. The human is not ready to change its behavior to minimize the car accidents in the world. After looking at the situation, the car manufacturing companies of the world have decided to change their car in the future. The companies are working on the project to launch a future car with the instant safety protection and auto operator mode. The European engineers are expecting to design to a car that could alarm its driver before an accident. Its frame will be good enough to protect its passengers even an accident occurs on the road. The future cars will use radar system along with high definition cameras to detect any threat by the fraction. The car will be equipped with the temporary metal frame to cover the car instantly at the time of accident. The driver will not have to do anything to secure his car and its passengers during this accident.

Cars in the Future

The car will automatically handle all these things in the favor of driver and its passengers. It will create some kind of brace that will be just like a strong bridge between front door of the car and the other collision object whether it is car or something else. It will not only safe its passengers from external threats but it will also protect the passengers internally. Its internal structure will be designed to handle the fast blow of any heavy metal instantly fell in the car. Keep in the consideration that all of these things are about to happen. You will not have to wait for its launch for more 40 years. You will see such miracle cars on the roads in just few years. Some of the Russian engineers are working on the cars that could track the traffic automatically with its head lights. The brakes of these cars of the future will attached to the head lights.

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