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Whenever we are going to make a deal in car whether buying or selling the first thing that is questioned is the car value. No matter if you are buying a new car or a used one you have to check out its value as it is important to know for you before going further with the deal. But, here the question is why it is important? The answer is simple, as before getting a property or even a dress you simply determine the quality of the fabric and work on it to ensure that is it worthy for the amount that you will pay for it. The same thing happens with a car, before getting one we simply check out the worth of the car so we make a correct deal. In this case it is important for every car dealer or a person who wants to deal in cars to know that what the things that determine car value are?car value

Launch Year

The cars and their models the commonly known and remarked by the year of launch. The year when a car launched it gets the year in its name and then it will remain forever, as every year or after two there is a new model. So, launch year of car really matters no matter it is a used one or a brand new one.

Features and Upgrades  car value

For every car model this is the biggest threat ever, as its features are enough for the people when a car launched. But, when there is an upgraded edition of the same car gets into the market then the price of the previous model automatically gets depreciated. That’s why even if you are going to buy the brand new car of previous model even then you can get it on a relatively reduced price.

Running Period

For a used car, its running miles cause devaluation as well. Even if you buy a new car and just after few days you want to sell it then even its mileage and damages will be considered by the buyer or the dealer to whom you will consult. The running miles should not be considered as curse in fact they are the best thing that let you how much you can get from your old car.

Accidents and Damages

If you are dealing to a used car then the thing hurt its value is the ratio of accidents faced by the car and the repairing ratio as well. More accidents a car faced or get repaired rapidly then its value meet a great depreciation for sure. It is important for you to ensure that car is having its original parts or not even they cause devaluation.

Competitive Models

Most importantly the competitive models really effect the car value, to give tough time to the competitor and capture the maximum number of consumers the companies do offer matching feature cars with different deals. Sometime they beat each other in performance, sometimes in price and sometimes offer some great deals and packages as well. Such kind of strategies and actions cause devaluation of brand new models.

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