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The value of car that we use really matters to us but we get conscious about it when we are going to sell it. As this time we are going to get money instead of it and getting satisfactory price is important against your car. Selling the car is not only the occasion we take our car valuation serious in fact while getting a new car even then we pay great attention to it. But, during the use of cat we never pay attention to the things that really affect the price or value of a car. It is really important for us to know that so we can simply avoid such things and can consider them at the time of valuation of your car or any other valuation

Running Miles

It is known theory a majority of people accept it that more a thing will be used more of its performance gets affected. The same theory applies on the car; more the car get drove will cause a great loss in its value. Whenever you visit a dealer to get or to sell your car he will ask you or tell you about the running miles of the car so you will get the idea about the use of the car by its previous owner or he can evaluate how much you have used it. The car with the major miles will definitely get less money as compare to the car with the fewer miles on its mileage meter. So you have to keep this thing in your mind while selling or getting your car. It really doesn’t mean that you do not use your car properly but in the end accept the fact.

Yearly Depreciation of car valuation

Another thing that we need to witness is the yearly depreciation on our running asset. It is a part of our economical system that every useable running tangible asset faces yearly depreciation on its value. Like the other things your car will face the same situation, when you will get your car valuation then it will be evaluated according to the year of its manufacturing not from the year you have it. So, this is another major thing you should know and keep in your mind while dealing in cars.

Accidents and Damages

When a car met with an accident it must get some Lind of damages and need repair of them, in this regard some of its parts could get completely damage and need to be changed. But, you cannot get the genuine parts all the time so you have to rely on remanufactured or other used parts most of the time. This put a loss on the image of your car in a shorter way, as it is not holding the original parts so nobody will like to pay for them and it will cause devaluation to your car.

Market Competition

The last thing that affects the car valuation is the market competition, as the competition rise in the market the value of cars revalued by the brokers. When considering competition the automobile companies make devaluation to the car prices then your car will also get a fall back on its value.

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