Amazing Prototype Future Cars Change Your Future

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Jules Verne was the first person who once told that vehicles will be transferred on water as major fuel component. He introduced this concept 100 years ago when he was writing a science fiction script for a movie. The future cars believed to be amazing in the style, source of power and environment. The future cars will use water as their main power source as believed by many engineers but we will have to wait to see this wonder. There are so many ordinary cars in the world that are using water as their main power source. These cars are not available in the market for public use but they are on testing phase. We will have to wait until these wonders are in the market for public use.future cars

Future Car Brands

You don’t need to consider it as some kind of secrete project. Some big names in the car manufacturing industry are working on these projects. They are working on these projects for a large number of years. These cars are known as prototype cars that will be in the market one day. The Honda, Nissan, GM, Toyota and BMW are some of the popular car manufacturing companies that are working on this project and all of them have many prototype cars in their testing room.  This is not compulsory that these cars are using water as main power source to move on the roads. It is also possible that these prototype future cars are using any other more efficient power source that is better than water. We can say this feature of every company is the secrete feature and they are working on this feature with the total commitment and devotion to provide something extra ordinary in the car markets of the world.

Electric Future Cars

The electric cars like Hybrid cars are considered to be the first public future cars in the market. They are using electricity as power source. These cars are not using gasoline as major power source. These are few future cars available for public use. We can also say that this is the beginning of the future cars but not the future of these cars. The hydrogen is the future possible fuel to be used to speed up the hybrid cars on the roads. The hydrogen is being tested for the possible fuel for the future super cars that might get speed of a train on the road. I know this is looking so difficult on the present age but keep in the mind that it is not impossible. The time will come when we will see this kind of vehicles on the roads or on the specific roads in near future. It is also said that some companies are also working on invisible cars and their designs in their personal labs. If the engineers could be able to design this kind of miracle four wheel, this will be a wonder for the automobile industry. But it will be almost to bring such vehicles on the roads.

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