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Car Adicts is the group of energetic and passionate young bloggers who aim to bring sophistication and dedication in the blogging industry of the world. Internet is now loaded with the fake or incomplete information about the things you need to know. Our aim is to provide a platform that is most reliable and full of authentic and complete information about the cars and their features. Our experts and car lover writers keep close eye on the every update in the car industry to provide related information. None of the car manufacturing brands or the car selling company can hide from our eagle eye. Following are some of the most important categories on which we provide solid information on daily basis to keep our readers engage with the cars their like and want to know more about them.

 News on Cars

 Car Insurance and their best use

 Used cars and their buying methods

 Perfect information about the Smart cars and their buying and selling

 Information on environmental friendly cars like Hybrid

 The most liked Sports Cars

 Luxury Cars for business class

 Classic cars and their best use and insurance issues

 News and information about latest car models in the automobile industry

 The authentic information about First Drive and choosing the best driving school

 Car Awards and the information about award winning cars

 Market Overview about cars and the demand and supply

 The custom Auto interiors that is mostly searched and demanded in the car market these days

We are the people with the years of experience in cars and their best use. We have different  blogger for the different categories like insurance, sports cars etc. they are all always busy to provide the best and authentic information in their specific category. Keep reading us and have fun. We always appreciate the suggestion and recommendations from our valuable readers.

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